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Distance Sound Healing via Zoom 1-0-1 for Emotional and Mental Balancing

How does a Distance Session work?

Like a Distance Quantum Healing by an Indigo (QXCI/SCIO) device invented by Dr. William Nelson, this session is based on quantum physics and its understanding that we are in truth but a bunch of energy, vibration and frequency that can be positively influenced, balanced, and aligned by sonic vibration, sound medicine, light codes, colors, and sacred geometry.


That means that Simonanda as the sacred space facilitator goes into a meditative state where she connects herself to her Higher Self and to her Soul into the quantum field that surrounds us all and exists of flowing energy waves only. It is also known as the unified field or the field of consciousness.

From here the sound healing which contains pure frequency waves reaches to your Soul, to your Higher Self and finally into your human being. There will be no distance in time, meaning no time difference as if you would be sharing the same room for receiving simultaneously. This is happening via zoom connecting us in cyberspace where you will receive all the energetic shifting sounds through Simonanda’s voice intertwining with her vibrational healing instruments.



To prepare:


  1. Set up a sacred space for you, where you will be undisturbed during the session.

  2. Add some incense sticks or Essential Oils to your room, for example Lavender to calm down or Frankincense to ensure a pure space, Citrus Oils to bring freshness to your senses or peppermint to support clarity and focus...

  3. Make sure you have used the toilet before the session begins.

  4. Place a glass or bottle of water nearby that will be charged by the sound healing. Afterwards this glass of water holds the just received healing vibs in liquid form for you.

  5. Have some eye shades or a small towel next to your pillow and a blanket to cover you with.

  6. Please wear loose, comfortable clothes.

  7. Take off your glasses, your watch or any metal objects including jewelry as it alternates the sound vibration.

  8. Any clean crystals are welcome to be placed around you or nearby if you like as they will enhance the healing.

  9. Put your mobile at least on airplane mode or even better switch it off.





Ensure time to rest, reset your energy system and integrate the high frequencies that we call energy medicine. Avoid any social commitments. Drink plenty of water and have a light vegetarian or vegan meal. 

If spirit communicates often via dreams with you, make sure to place pen and paper next to your bed. Drink plenty of water before sleep so that you will need to get up during the night. You might wake up with a dream that you would like to ponder upon its significance in the morning because it feels like a sign or answer… So, you write down a few key words that will allow you to access the dream later again.

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Distance Sound Healing Details
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