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Enchanting Holy Oil Blends from Emerald Temple

My beloved soul sister Diana DuBrow brings 50+ years of experience in aromatherapy and the intuitive art of her line of holy oils. Her Chakra oil blends correspond profoundly to the energy centres in the body and are intended for personal anointing and for professionals in the healing arts.

Diana says, "We have been called the Myrrhophores, Mistresses of Scent and Aromatic Alchemists creating these blends. Basically, it comes down on working on the deepest soul level with these high frequency holy oils that are bringing us into the deepest place of our remembrance within our own soul's consciousness."

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BioSonics Tuning Forks

BioSonics Tuning Forks produce 50+ overtones. This tremendous, refined sound spectrum alters our biochemistry. Therefore, they are well known as sound healing tools, enhance all energy therapy practices and are easy to be used to:

  • Reduce stress,

  • Balance yourself,

  • Increase blood flow,

  • Enhance mental clarity,

  • Improve immune response and much more…


By bringing your nervous system, muscle tone and organs into harmonic balance, the Tuning Forks rhythmically align you to your body’s healthy natural state. Once you bring your body back to its natural rhythm, you can maintain a state of optimal health and enjoy all the resulting benefits.


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