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Sound Healing

As you enjoy a regular shower for your physical body, so shall you take care by a regular energetic sound bath of your subtle auric bodies like your emotional, mental and spiritual one for example. It is not only our physical body that needs cleaning and cleansing but all other layers in our aura too.

Sound Healing is the medicine of the future that starts now because everything vibrates in a certain frequency. My tradition follows the ancient art of healing by using the energetic power of Sounds and Overtoning, Words, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and Crystals. It creates a resonating composition, which guides you back into perfect balance and harmonizes your entire being. You become aligned to you own chakras, to all layers of your aura, to the holy geometries of the universe, to your Higher Self, your I AM Presence and your Soul... This is the moment that allows you to merge with the Divine Source and to enter the Oneness of all there is.

Sound Healing Training with Simonanda

Sound Healing Training 1-0-1

in person and/or online

Group Sound Healing Training

in person and/or online

For further information, please contact me directly.

I look forward to our time of expanding into the world of healing sound.



Crystal Instruments

Frosted and Clear Quartz Crystal Bowls, 

Sound Pyramids and the Crystal Sphere

Metal Instruments

Vibrational Metal Instruments of Gongs and Tibetan Bowls

Wood Instruments

Vibrational Wood and other Instruments

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