Sound Healing

As you enjoy a regular shower for your physical body, so shall you take care by a regular energetic sound bath of your subtle auric bodies like your emotional, mental and spiritual one for example. It is not only our physical body that needs cleaning and cleansing but all other layers in our aura too.

Sound Healing is the medicine of the future that starts now because everything vibrates in a certain frequency. My tradition follows the ancient art of healing by using the energetic power of Sounds and Overtoning, Words, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and Crystals. It creates a resonating composition, which guides you back into perfect balance and harmonizes your entire being. You become aligned to you own chakras, to all layers of your aura, to the holy geometries of the universe, to your Higher Self, your I AM Presence and your Soul... This is the moment that allows you to merge with the Divine Source and to enter the Oneness of all there is.


It is most enjoyable when it is preventively used to strengthen your health and your inner divine connection in order to live your soul’s potential to the fullest. That delivers not only a happy heart but also fulfillment in life until the stage of bliss. The good thing is that it needs nothing of your attention but openness and full surrender to the possibility of energetic balancing by sound. 

Think of your being as of an orchestra that contains many different instruments. These are your organs and different systems like your bone system, blood system, glandular system, digestive system, meridian system and so on. All of them have their favorite healthy frequencies, tones and vibrations. During a sound healing journey, all layers of your body naturally respond, absorb and integrate them. When the instruments are harmoniously tuned to each other, the entire orchestra enters balance and radiates harmony.

And that defines you, that is you!

Crystal Instruments

Frosted and Clear Quartz Crystal Bowls, 

Sound Pyramids and the Crystal Sphere

Metal Instruments

Vibrational Metal Instruments of Gongs and Tibetan Bowls

Wood Instruments

Vibrational Wood and other Instruments


Conclusion of Sound Healing

When any of these healing instruments are combined and played in their very own rhythms, they create infinite sounding spirals of magnificent full tones and overtones that constantly overlap. They build up spherical healing music that cocoons and envelops you to guide you to a sound portal. From here you will be led to rejoice with your soul. You will be home. In the flow of energies there is no question, no need of anything but a unified field of Oneness. And when you come back from it, you will awaken within you what you are ready for and your next step is about to be in your life.


In this regard, when Simonanda joins in singing along with her very different instruments, her music can range from shamanic to angelic, from affirmative to spherical or uncommon extraordinary… depending on the divine power that is channeled through and the specific person attending a private session or the group of people who comes together for a healing concert.

Sound Healing Training with Simonanda

"Sound Healing is the medicine of the future that starts now and has been always known by our ancestors as a timeless tool for balancing the body and connecting the dimensions for us."

Simonanda – received in meditation

Please know that a sound healing training with me is always a 1-0-1 program where we look into the possibilities how best to polish the diamond in the lotus flower that you are, and that begins to open up and shine its light to the world. So, please be aware that this journey is first of all a journey to yourself, to your own heart, facing your own shadows and sunny parts. It is first of all meant to heal your own heart, to shed light into your own life, and to gradually transform it to a higher vibrating one. Often it leads as well to ancestral healing of your linage. And when you have granted yourself the patience to grow along with it, the time to share your gifts with the world will naturally present itself and invite you to do so.

Therefore, choosing me as your mentor will not be a weekend workshop but a process of receiving, learning, integrating, using, creating and living it. 

It begins with an interview where we both can check and feel into our energy fields and chemistry that needs to link in and match for the joy of working and growing together.


The training is based on using one full octave set of 7 crystal bowls 

+ high C bowl of next octave, and all are tuned to orchestra work.

It comprises of:

  • 40h training in person,

  • ongoing self-study in between training days,

  • 10 h of reading the book “The Healing Tones of Crystal Bowls”, Renee Brodie, that you will receive at the beginning of your training.


For 5-6 months we meet monthly 2x, and on each day train for full 4 hours. This could be a weekend or 2 days during a week for example 9:00 - 13:00.

In case more teaching is needed then 1-8 hours can be added that we have in reserve for reading the book. (Therefore the 6th month is possible.) After 3 more months, we will meet again with our instruments to enjoy a Sound Healing together.


The training program is based on 4 pillars:


  1. Crystal Bowl Training

  2. Sound Healing for Clients

  3. Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

  4. Sound Healing for a Group

(This includes an introduction to other vibrational instruments.)

For further information, please contact me directly.

I look forward to our time of expanding into the world of healing sound.


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