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Sound Journey Testimonials

Mel from South Africa

The concert was awesome. I had experienced a very stressful and disconcerting situation just prior to attending and thought I would never be able to relax. I was asleep within minutes and awoke calm, content and ready for another 8 hours of deep sleep. The issue I was facing was placed on the back burner and I eventually felt ready to face it on the next evening. I know, had I not attended, I would not have been able to detach quite as easily.

Please come back soon.

Monika from Czech Republic

I came to Crystal Bowl concert without any expectation. Other people (unlike me - a first timer) were talking about a "journey" from their past experiences. I got curious and I wanted to travel as well:-)))

To my surprise it turned out completely different for me. I was in pain. In fact I was in such a pain I was considering to run away. But then I remembered Reiki. I used Reiki to heal my broken leg. I know that when it hurts, healing is in progress. So I stayed. 

I forgot to mention that I was injured. I sprained ligaments on my right thumb.  This concert was a deep healing experience for me. Already on my way home I felt huge relief. And my injury is healing well now. 

Tullio from South Africa

I really enjoyed the deep effect of the concert. I did not sleep for almost days after, but I did not feel tired at all. I kept feeling a rushing heat, especially in my arms and legs. Having suffered from kidney stones, one of my teachers taught me a technique to slowly break them down, the concert had the same effect on me, I'm quite sure I had a stone 

forming that you blasted it with your heart song, the vibrations

had a definite effect. I deeply thank you.

Cheryl from South Africa

It was an incredible experience. I’m having "hearing assistants" and the one went flat just before the concert; I took them out and turned head to the bowls but was instructed to go feet first again. I did, drifted off and had a re-experience of a celestial echo choir to the bowls and your voice which was exquisite and took me back to the same sound heard during a near death experience 25 years ago. I have never been able to recall the sound before.  Thank you for this facilitation.

Ruth from UK

Thank you for a wonderful crystal bowl concert last night, the energy was really powerful and extremely healing and seemed to me of a masculine nature. I woke several times during the night buzzing and am still vibrating this morning, wonderful. Looking forward to the next one.

Ana from Serbia

It was a pleasure meeting you again! I love your voice and the loving energy you bring with you. It is your singing that night that made me tell you about this wonderful singer. I think that you pick up the energy around you, and then upon that you create a concert. This time it was a different feeling than your last concert that I had attended. And both were amazing! You sing with angels...

Private Healing Testimonials
Private Healing Testimonials

Kate from Namibia

I feel so incredibly fortunate to have fallen into your hands for my healing & transformation. I truly appreciate the energy you spend on guiding me so beautifully, the crystal bowls, the crystals, the oils and of course the caring and love, amongst all the other things. 

The crystal grid that you did for me is one of the most beautiful things, I have had done. It reminded me of when I had my astrological chart done but offered so much more in terms of guidance and support and knowing that I am heading in the right direction. I cannot get the vision of my angel lying over me out of my head, how incredibly spectacular!

Arezu from Iran

Tears of love and joy where running down my face while I was reading your loving guiding message! THANK YOU for all the great work you are doing, Simonanda. 

I personally have healed from all my blockages in this life and past karma through your great vocal healing channeling which I will never forget. And your voice is just so soothing and mixes magical with the crystal bowl sounds, it opens a gateway to heavenly realms for me.

Dieter from Germany

My private Crystal Sound Healing Sessions were a unique experience to me. For the first time I sensed the sounds of different frequencies as pleasant vibrations in some parts of my body which I felt like a healing warmth pouring down from my upper chakras. Until now I had not experienced such a change of sounds slowly growing louder in order to die away quietly again like some waves in the ocean, which I felt as an extremely beneficial effect. This feeling had even found a profound increase through Simonanda’s accompanying singing. Her timbre harmonizes uniquely with the sounding Crystal Bowls – Simonanda becomes a “Shaman”. And there is again another top up: Her singing to only one Crystal Bowl (of the Heart Chakra as she told me) in the dessert at a fireplace under the stars – an experience of a very special kind! 

Distance Healing Testimonials
Distance Healing Testimonial

After a kidney surgery, my body was in shock and a lot of physical pain. With the distance healing from Simonanda, I was able to reconnect to my body, relax, let go of a specific blockage and reduce my pain drastically. It helped my physical and mental healing process immensely, so grateful…

I love you and all that you do for the world – your sound sessions are so beautiful and soul lifting - being thousands of miles away did not change anything - it was as if I was right there in your physical presence - keep on with all that you do for this planet - Lightworkers like you are the “real deal” and so needed at this time of our collective soul development.

Kilby  from USA

I want to thank you again for my distance healing session. My relationship with my mother is healing and we are becoming close again. It takes meeting in the middle I know but I know too you had a big part in it and me receiving your light and your healing sound to uncover the Love that is the true Self … Absolutely Divine. Thank you for holding such sacred space where this is possible again!

Guido  from Germany

Julie-Ann  from England

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