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29th June to 5th July 2023

Resonance Revolution

A Group Retreat of 7-day Ascension Journey in Slovenia with Simonanda and Sheetal Rajan

Connecting Dimensions to Merge with Source and Awaken your Gifts

Simonanda is a sacred sound healer, therapist & transformation coach. She has mastered the ancient tradition of fine tuning the body through the art of sound vibration using her voice, tuned crystal bowls... read more under bio.

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that will let you shine in the light of the Sovereign One!


Free yourself and walk with me as Love on Earth!

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The Dancing Spider


The Dancing Spider has come

to weave a web of light for you

that you may travel

through the gate of your heart

to the mother herself – Terra Gaia,

and to the fairies, the sweet ones,

the leprechauns, the cheeky ones,

the elves, the enchanting ones,

to the stars, the bright ones 

and higher dimensions,

that you are even not aware of yet

to understand the beauty in all,

the mathematical phi and the golden ratio,

the dancing geometrics of light and sound

which nurture and love you,

guide and inspire you

as always and til eternity,

until you become one again with the cosmic ocean,

and understand yourself as the one that you have always been

before the game of separation.


Therefore, now slide along my silver thread of light,

to become aware and recognize yourself,

dearest child of love and joy.

Embrace your shadows and bring peace to your heart,

become one with your soul – multidimensional…

and live what has been given to you – your birth right –

a life of completion, grace and light.

by Simonanda, April 2004


Zagi from Iran

These times are in need of people like you who are good in giving, who speak Love and breathe truth. Thank you that you live it as you receive it straight from your heart.

Paul from UK

I expected a pleasant evening but I really did not expect to go on a full-blown shamanic journey, which is what I got - an incredible journey with guides surrounding and helping me along through other world environments, and out into space, releases, downloads and meeting spirit animal. Not a guided meditation at all - just Simonanda's magical sound journey by crystal bowls and beautiful chanting. 

Kate from Namibia

I feel so incredibly fortunate to have fallen into your hands for my healing & transformation. I truly appreciate the energy you spend on guiding me so beautifully, the crystal bowls, the crystals, the oils and of course the caring and love, amongst all the other things. 


Who am I?


“I have been given many names on different levels of consciousness and culture over the time like Huna Hathor, Simonanda, Sathya Prema, Dancing Spider, Sound Doula... A part of my soul’s essence belongs to the order of Elhim, as well written Elim.”


“Depending on the person or a group that comes together, my voice can differ from tribal to angelic. Angel Translator of Crystalline Love is my lightworker’s name and as such one it allows me to touch your heart deeply and to facilitate your inner cleansing, healing and alignment to your own soul. In this very moment when the alignment to your soul happens, you simultaneously merge with the Divine Source too because the soul is never separate from the Source. Hereby you enter the Oneness of all there is and eventually you will remember who you are and why you are here in order to empower yourself for your own destiny. This way I AM at your service.”

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