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Sound Healing Private Sessions in General 

Sound Healing is the medicine of the future that starts now because everything vibrates in a certain frequency. My tradition follows the ancient art of healing by using the energetic power of sounds & overtoning, mantras & tribal lullabies, high frequency holy temple oils, words, affirmations & crystals. It creates a resonating composition, which guides you back into perfect balance and harmonizes your entire being. You become aligned to you own chakras, to all layers of your aura, to the holy geometries of the universe, to your Higher Self, your I AM Presence and your Soul... This is the moment that allows you to merge with the Divine Source and to enter the Oneness of all there is.

It is most enjoyable when it is preventively used to strengthen your health and your inner divine connection in order to live your soul’s potential to the fullest. That delivers not only a happy heart but also fulfillment in life until the stage of bliss.


However, most of us wait and ignore our heart’s desire and our body’s need a bit or a lot longer and the imbalance becomes bigger - often already manifested into dis-ease until we seek out help. Then it might need some more homework on different levels like physically by changing to healthier nutritious food for example and keeping the body strong by regular exercising, mentally by deleting the self-sabotaging thought pattern from your daily thinking and replacing them by loving and positive encouraging thoughts, emotionally by letting go and transforming of blockages, learning to stay serene, centered and detached without judging, living compassion instead of pity; and spiritually - this is often about entering a state of further inner clarity and purity to our heart’s energy of unconditional love.


I’m known as well as a Sound Doula, assisting you on your ascension path in both rebalancing your different auric bodies and life coaching you based on wisdom that I access within me as an experienced human wise one and as a starlight sister connected to higher consciousness of different realms and dimensions. Also please be aware that when you heal your own heart and being, you heal your ancestral lineage as well.


Yet there is nothing that I promise, and I won’t “fix” you at all, because everything is in your hand as you are the co-creator of your own life. However, I will be honored to hold an energetically high vibrating sacred space for you, where every nuance of healing is possible that you for yourself will initiate and tap into. It starts with entering the ability to understand the message of your situation or dis-ease and then go into shifting of energy pattern guided by gongs, Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, sound grails, and my voice in its symbiotic overtoning. In its ripple effect of clearing and uplifting there might sometimes occur a need of making a decision or a change in life. I will assist you to receive full clarity on it but to take that step in your life will be utterly up to you.

However, healing, refinement and alignment always takes place on different levels. And I will facilitate, assist and guide you along so that you may bloom like a Celestial flower - magnificent in form, color and fragrance. Overall it is your balanced, harmonized and increased energy field that radiates from within and creates vibrant beauty around. This way - together - we create the change in the world that we want to see. We are the architects and builder of our New Earth!

Welcome on the infinite spiral of awakening!

Soun Healing 1-0-1 general

Practical Advice 

Your outfit for any session:

Please come in white or light colored and loose clothes that are comfortable to you and of natural fabric (no dress but 2 parts). No mobile, glasses, watches or any metal objects including jewelry.


To prepare:

Please come well rested and nourished. Avoid any caffeine within 2 hours prior to your session.



Make sure you will have time to rest and integrate. Avoid any social commitments. Drink plenty of water and have a light vegetarian or vegan meal.



As a Doula on your Ascension Path, she sees these private sessions as a healing journey to yourself and as a support at crossroads in your life. She also loves giving you a “helping hand” in cases of being stuck in energetic circumstances and supports you in understanding the message behind certain situations. Therefore, her work sometimes includes specific given homework for you to keep raising your energy field or to maintain its purity. However choosing to follow it or not will remain your very personal decision and responsibility; yet she always hopes you will.

Practival Advice
Consultation + Gong Bath 1-1 in person
1 hour          €55

This session is designed for those who first want to meet me for a consultation. You will be introduced to different modalities and methods for balancing your entire body-mind-soul connection by the variety of vibrational Sound Instruments, high frequency Temple Oils and the possibility of supporting crystals. We will discuss your current life situation and round up the first session with a sound balancing by Gongs, Aureliophone, Koshi Bells & more...

Sound Healing 1-0-1
Sound Bath 1-1 in person
1 hour          €66

All of Simonanda's vibrational instruments are tuned to the healing frequency of 432Hz. Therefore, come and receive a sound bath that grounds you, removes any blockages and brings you into a flow again. It realigns your chakras, balances your energy bodies, and reconnects you to our higher self, your I AM presence and your soul. Lightness and love flow from such connection, inner peace and the trust in life will be reassured and/or strengthened. You will feel balanced, expanded, and empowered…

A thousand words cannot describe. Come and experience its magic!

sound bath photo.jpg
Cosmic Grail Balancing 1-1 in person
1 hour          €66

12 fine-tuned Cosmic Sound Grails will work their magic on you for a full balancing and harmonizing alignment of all your auric bodies and your nine main chakras. They include not only the 7 chakras in your body but also your Soul Star Chakra 6 inches above your head and your Earth Star 6 inches below your feet.

You will consciously support this process by a specific breathing guided by Simonanda before you fully relax into a divine flow of sound scaping by Cosmic Ray Grails of a full 4th octave and Ultra-Light Clear Quartz Crystal Bowls of a full 3rd octave. That allows you to unwind, step out of time and recharge yourself to the fullest.

3.Cosmic grail balancing.jpg
Sound Healing 1-1 in person 
2 hours          € 98

You will be held in this sacred space of Vibrational Sonic Medicine for around 60 minutes.

Simonanda’s work is always intuitively guided. Further instruments can be added like Sound Pyramids, the Crystal Sphere, Tibetan Bowls, planetary and/or symphonic Gongs and all of their occurring Overtoning. Any combination of the above will shift lower vibrating energies to higher frequencies. Chanting and Toning could be spontaneously implemented in specific problematic areas or chakras supported by a set of accordingly selected Holy Temple Oil blends and/or Crystals.

You may experience further methods of self-healing according to your specific needs, for example:

- Chakra Breathing,

- Cleansing your aura of lost spirits – sending those ones into the light,

- Heart Mending through letting go that implements spontaneous forgiveness,

- Multi-Dimensional Forgiveness Decree,

- Gratitude Affirmations that can be added to your daily sadhana,

- Cord Cutting,

- Diamond Light Activation,

- Integration of Light Codes,

- Activation of Protection Shield,

- Crystal Layout on the body or at certain meridian points to activate the energy flow etc.

In the end, you are going to return balanced, tuned to higher frequency and with some inner gifts such as vivid lucid dreams, powerful downloads, a profound insight or message, unconditional love or deepest peace.

Not to expect anything but to be open, is the key to it.

For further details please read about Sound Healing 1-1 in person testimonials.

Distance Sound Healing via Zoom 1-1 for Emotional and Mental Balancing
2 hours          € 98

In this session you will be balanced by 12 fine-tuned Cosmic Sound Grails 4th Octave and 8 Ultra-Light Transparent Crystal Bowls 3rd Octave which are specifically tuned not only to your physical body chakras but as well to your earth and your transpersonal chakras. With such precisely defined alignment of open chakras, your body is now prepared to enter a deep meditative state that allows you to go on your very own inner journey, a spheric sonic bath by Simonanda’s play of crystal bowls at times intertwined with her alchemical voice. Combining both elements create many waves of Overtoning that will shift lower vibrating energies to higher frequencies especially in your emotional and mental body, and as well in all other ones like your physical, vital, astral, and spiritual body.

Hereby the foundation for a vibrational sound portal is build that allows you to dive through and connect to your Divine within, your soul and even further to the Omnipresence of all there is when you keep expanding into the multidimensional being that you truly are.

You always return balanced, tuned to higher frequency and with some inner gifts such as vivid lucid dreams, powerful downloads, a profound insight or message, unconditional love, or deepest peace.

Not to expect anything but to be open, is the key to it.


How does a Distance Session work?


Like a Distance Quantum Healing…

For further details please read about Distance Sound Healing 1-1 testimonials. 

11.1. sound grail with Acturien Healg.jpg
Distance Sound Healing
Kid's Magic Sound Healing - for child + parent
30 min     € 55

Recommended especially before and after treatments of surgeries in hospitals and at the dentist.


Child with either mom or dad will participate and automatically both will benefit.


In a playful magical way of vibro-acoustic instruments we work for:

- Balancing and aligning the chakras,

- Repairing and strengthening the auric bodies,

- Removing blockages of fear and other negative emotions,

- Establishing peace and comfort, a feeling of being held, loved, protected, and cared for,

- Filling up their being with Love, so they can trust, be at ease and flow with life freely.

Simonanda children.jpg
Wing Massage with Temple Oils & Sound Bathing 1-1 in person 
120 min     € 120

The wing massage is known for its gentle approach that leads to a profound deep relaxation with most balancing benefits. Rooted in the Native Indian Lakota Tribe Healing Tradition it is based on the knowledge that we store most bacteria and viruses in our spine.

Therefore, the massage begins with feathering each Temple Oil along the spine before it develops further into different wing movements that “take out” any negativity stored in the spine and your back, clearing, and transforming your energy into perfect balance.

The following sound bathing will complete this divinely flowing time-out experience that allows you to rejuvenate to the fullest.

7.2. wing massage.jpeg
Sound Healing for 2 people – a couple, relatives or friends 
3 hours         € 287

This session includes 60 minutes Sound Healing by Crystal Bowls and Voice, Sound Pyramids, Grail or Tibetan Bowls, Gongs and their occurring Overtoning that will shift lower vibrating energies to higher frequencies. Toning, Overtoning and Chanting could be spontaneously implemented in specific problematic areas or chakras supported by a set of accordingly selected Holy Oil blends and/or Crystals placed on specific places or chakras on the physical body.

The focus here will be directed to your relationship in order to emotionally and mentally balance it and/or strengthen it to a healthy basis of unconditional love that may overflow your heart and initiate a process of self-healing or deepening your relationship. Further balancing methods can be applied according to your situation, for example:


- chakra breathing,

- cleansing your aura of lost spirits – sending those ones into the light,

- heart mending through letting go that implements spontaneous forgiveness,

- multi-dimensional Forgiveness Decree, to clear out issues from the past and create space for new energy pattern to arrive which vibrate at higher and more supportive and suitable frequencies,

- cord cutting,

- diamond light activation,

- integration of light codes,

- activation of protection shield,

- additional work with crystals on the body etc.

Mystical Experience! Full Body Anointing with Holy Temple Oil blends + Sacred Sound Journey

3 hours          € 287

This ancient tradition combines vibrational healing by Holy Temple Oil blends, and Energy Balancing Techniques with hands on that will cocoon you in preparation for a sacred experience with yourself and the Divine while you go on a magical Sound Journey deeper and deeper into the mystic.


The anointing oils will be massaged into the body, beginning at the soles of your feet and completing the flow at the crown of your head in very slow motions. Then the sacred sounds of the Crystal Bowls, Cosmic Ray Grails and further instruments intertwining with Simonanda’s overtoning voice will wash over and through your body on cellular level and each auric body of your being. All these intuitively chosen variations will guide you on your inner journey to merge with your soul and the Oneness of all there is, you may call it God, the Universe, the Omnipresence, Allah, the Light, the Goddess, the Mother or the Source… different traditions offer different names for it.

The journey will support you in releasing what no longer serves you while affirming that you are a divine vessel of LOVE indeed.

All kinds of inspirations and new ideas may be taken home from such a sacred experience. Fulfilling inner peace and the energy of LOVE to an extent that is impossible to describe in human words may overflow your heart and anchor itself on physical level as on all other levels of your auric bodies (emotionally, mentally, spiritually). There are no limitations but abundantly flowing possibilities, always depending on your current energetic frequency signature that definitely will be immensely to exponentially raised and uplifted. The goal is to reach complete balance within your entire being, and full alignment in connection to your inner Divine that is often felt in deepest peace, flowing love and timeless bliss.

After such an extraordinary mystical experience it is most important to be gently guided back into your body and to share and speak about your experience with Simonanda. That will allow you to own your experience and have the most possible outcome of it. It may show itself in many different or unexpected ways. Just be open…

Crystal-Light-Therapy  (CLT)  1-1  in general

It is a unique form of Chroma-Therapy (color therapy) through crystals. There are seven clear quartz crystals (in a very specific cut devised by Marcel Vogel) that illuminate in specific vibrations of light. The system is placed above a comfortable massage table where you lay with closed eyes while listening to meditative music.

The crystals combined with colored lights are positioned over your body and directed onto your seven chakras = your energy centers. They absorb and irradiate your vital power and energy to maintain balance for example in your physical and emotional body. The accordingly colored lights correspond to each chakra; and by shining in different sequences they cleanse and transform your energy. The crystals are placed in front of the lights and are known for their capacity to transform, model and store energy. The Combination of these two elements (of crystals and colored lights in specific sequences) delivers an advanced balancing effect in all of your auric bodies (for example physical, emotional, mental, vital, etheric, spiritual…).


The Effect of Crystal-Light-Therapy 

Knowing that the human body is made of more than 80% of water, explains why it is such wonderful catalyst of vibration. Sound, light and crystals are perfect elements to lift up your frequencies. Like the water resonates within your cells and tissues, so do sound, light and crystals. Low vibrating or sick cells receive this healing vibration. By gradually repeating the treatment, they will absorb the higher frequencies, transform, integrate and finally recover into healthy cells and organs



  • rebalances your energy physically, emotionally and mentally

  • stimulates spiritual awareness and its further development

  • removes blockages of your chakras (energy centers)

  • cleanses and purifies your chakras in order to establish a healthy flow of energy

  • releases negative emotions and thereby frees space for positive ones

  • harmonizes on all levels that results in inner peace

CLT sessions are available of:

1. CLT 30 min


45 min

with prep and guiding back


Per session                                                          € 45  

Pack of 5 sessions (expiring in 3 months)

€ 200 (reduct. of - € 25)

1.a CLT 30 min + Additional anointment by Holy Oil blends on your chakras, aura and /or on specific areas etc.  (Oils and blends are chosen according to your specific need)


60 min

with prep and guiding back

Per session                                                       

€ 60

Pack of 5 sessions

€ 275 (reduct. of - € 25)

2. CLT 50 min


70 min

with prep and guiding back

Per session                                                          

€ 70

Pack of 5 sessions

€ 325 (reduct. of - € 25)

2.a CLT 50 min + Additional anointment by Holy Oil blends on your chakras, aura and /or on specific areas etc.  (Oils and blends are chosen according to your specific need)


80 min

with prep and guiding back

Per session 

€ 80                                                        

Pack of 5 sessions

€ 375 (reduct. of - € 25)

Crystal Light Therapy (CLT) in combination with a Sound Healing Session + Anointment by Holy Temple Oils on your chakras

2 - 2,5 hours          € 179

The CLT is known for delivering an overall balancing on cellular level and your chakras that for many clients results in some profound inner peace. Read more here.

Here the CLT of at least 50 min is not just supported by relaxing healing tunes in the background but deeply enhanced by a live Sound Healing Journey of Simonanda. It includes 60 minutes of vibrational instruments such as Crystal Bowls and her velvet overtoning Voice, Cosmic Sound Grails, different Sound Pyramids, Crystal Sphere, Tibetan Bowls, planetary and/or symphonic Gongs with their occurring Overtoning to name a few.


Each instrument including her voice guide you deeper and deeper to a variety of unique Sound Portals that you will intuitively choose perhaps without awareness or with full meditative access like in a vivid lucid dream or a download during a deep soulful meditation, because any combination of the above sounding modalities will shift lower vibrating energies into higher frequencies. Chanting and Toning could be furthermore spontaneously implemented in specific problematic areas or chakras supported by the Holy Temple Oil blends. These Sacred Oils are blended in the ancient alchemical ways by Scent Priestess Diana DuBrow on New Moon where deepest prayer, the power of crystals, silence and holy sound play a conscious part of creating them in a heartfelt ceremony.

Read on why I particularly use these sacred oils in the shop.

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