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Upcoming Group Events

  • Gong Bath & Soup
    Gong Bath & Soup
    pet., 10. maj
    Simonanda Sound Healing Temple
    10. maj 2024, 17:45 – 20:00
    Simonanda Sound Healing Temple, Dragomer SI, Pot za Stan 46, 1351 Brezovica pri Ljubljani, Slovenia
    10. maj 2024, 17:45 – 20:00
    Simonanda Sound Healing Temple, Dragomer SI, Pot za Stan 46, 1351 Brezovica pri Ljubljani, Slovenia
    Experience the magnitude of vibrational waves... for letting go, re-aligning, rejuvenating and reaching deep loving peace within...

Sound Healing Journey – Organised Group Event 

Such a journey guides you to a sound portal from where you dive into the higher dimensions back to your soul and the energetic rays on which your soul is home. The reconnection with your soul and higher self makes it possible to download and collect light codes, specific energies and inspirations. This will give you the choice to:


  • integrate them in your daily life, 

  • uplift your own energy field, 

  • learn to maintain it and 

  • to establish balance and inner peace at any time needed in life. 


It always delivers healing on different levels using the power of the particular group that comes together for each unique event. This Healing Concert includes a variety of sound healing instruments such as Crystal Bowls, Sound Pyramids, different Gongs (for example of the Sun, the Venus or the Symphonic one) or a Crystal Sphere, and always Simonanda’s alto voice for singing and guiding you along the journey. 

Group Events for Corporates
Crystal Bowls – Alto Voice – Sound Pyramids

This can be offered:


  • to companies,

  • in exhibitions, fairs and festivals,

  • in the public section like ministries,

  • in schools for students and/or staff,

  • in hospitals, retirement homes and so on,

  • at inaugurations of wellness and yoga centres…

Organizacija meditacijnih dogodkov za firme in korporacije

Group Events in Yoga Shalas
Crystal Bowls – Alto Voice – Gongs – Sound Grail and more (for example)

We will loosen up our body with a gentle flow of asanas that are beneficial in preparing our nervous system for higher voltages of energy. It will flow through the nadis which are fine conductors running throughout the body for subtle energy. Applying a therapeutic Grade Essential Oil according to the specific journey will enhance relaxation, clarity and focus in letting go of any control.   Afterwards we will lay down in shavasana and be sound bathed by an octave of frosted crystal bowls tuned to 432 Hz and over-toning alto voice. The power of mantras and chants will take our prepared body to the next level of expanding into the silence of LOVE. In this deep meditative state, self-transcendence is possible to a degree that allows exponential awakening, self-healing and full alignment to the one source of all there is. When we merge with the omnipresence, we may feel eternal peace, have access to universal knowledge and/or enter bliss. By the way the Sanskrit syllable “OM “opens up quantum tunnelling, where the wormholes do not have a restriction of speed of light. The secrets of this universe are contained in energy, frequency and vibration. Let’s use it and polish the diamond in the lotus that we are!

Group Events in Wellness Centres
Crystal Bowls – Alto Voice – Gongs – Sound Grail and more (for example) 

Disintegrate from the Matrix - ​Align to the Divine Join us on an inner healing journey that will guide you into higher dimensions. Neither control nor performance is needed but openness and surrender to the flow of the healing resonance of these special instruments. This way your body picks up naturally the harmonizing frequencies that result in a state of inner peace and contentment, inspirations and downloads that you are ready for.  ​At any point in your life you can decide to create a new reality of Unconditional Love based on gratitude. Let it begin with us in form of inner balance and flow through us in ease and grace.  The Crystal Bowl Sounds create a unique vibrational sphere of pure liquid light tones, colours and sacred geometrics. It is often felt as a sounding cocoon that powerfully resonates within, through and around your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. ... calming, transforming, aligning, refreshing, rejuvenating, flowing, balancing and harmonising your entire being... Wear: loose comfortable clothes of natural fabric Bring: a yoga mat, 1-2 blankets, a small cushion, an eye cover or a small towel and a bottle of water - if you like - that will be energized by the healing sounds

group event 3.JPG
Group Events for Private Occasions
Crystal Bowls – Alto Voice – Sound Pyramids

For any occasions like:


  • Bachelorette Party

  • Wedding Concert

  • Birthday Party (for age of 15+)

  • Family Gathering

  • Celebrations 

  • Welcome for Mom and her New-Born 

  • Gathering to uplift and or heal group energy

  • Farewell Party

  • Rite of Passage Celebration

  • Funeral

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