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Sound Healing Training 1-1

in person and/or online

"Sound Healing is the medicine of the future that starts now. It has been always known by our ancestors as a timeless tool to balance the body and connect the dimensions for us."


About the program:

“This training is designed as a 1-0-1 program where we look into the possibilities how best to polish the diamond in the lotus flower that you are as it begins to open up the pedals and shines its light to the world. Be aware that this journey is first of all a journey to yourself, to your own heart, facing your own shadows and sunny fields of your being. It is meant to heal, balance and expand your own heart, to shed light into your own life, and to gradually transform it to a higher vibrating one. Often it leads as well to ancestral healing of your lineage. And when you have granted yourself the patience to grow along with it, the time to share your gifts with the world will naturally present itself and invite you to do so.


Therefore, choosing me as your mentor will not be a weekend workshop but a process of letting go, unlearning, receiving, re-learning, integrating, using, creating and living it. And living it means, it is not for show-off and to impress others but for real integration in your lifestyle. And from there your light will begin to emanate and become a magnet for those around you to be inspired and guided by your example.

The training begins with an interview where we both can feel into our energy fields and check our chemistry that needs to link in and match for the joy of working and growing together. And when it does, it will be my honor and delight to serve you.

The training is based on

using one full octave set of 7 crystal bowls + a high C bowl of the next octave. All are tuned to orchestra work in Hz 432. It can be purchased from Simonanda.

Other training programs are available too, such as:

  • Gong training & Tibetan bowls

  • Sound Pyramids, Sound Grails & Sound Sphere or Crystal Harp


  • Crystal bowls and Voice – an alchemical match to shift dimensions

The 70h training program comprises of

  • training in person or online (see schedule option below)

  • ongoing self-study in between training days 10 h of reading the book “The Healing Tones of Crystal Bowls”, Renee Brodie, will be acknowledged as part of the certification

  • 1 private Sound Healing with Simonanda - What does it include? Please read here. (€ 98 added value!)

  • completion of 5 private healing sessions post-training

  • 1 post-session review of private healing

  • attending at least 3 group events of Sound Healing Journeys (SHJ) in person or online

  • if 3 live SHJ’s will be attended in person, 5 h will be granted for organization, prep up and pack up

  • giving 3 group events in person or online post-training and 1 post-session review of your group event

  • Certification will be granted by fulfilling all points above


The training program is based on the following 3 modules:


  • Crystal Bowl Training on its own for Sound Scaping or
    Crystal Bowl Training in Symbiosis with Alchemical Voice​


  • Sound Healing for private Groups
    Sound Healing for corporate Groups
    This module includes an introduction to other vibrational instruments

For more info of program please contact us.


Smooth option:

For 6 months we meet monthly 2x, and on each day we train for 4 hours in person or online. This could be a weekend or 2 days during a week for example: 9:00 - 13:00.


Intense option:

You will visit me 2x for each a full week.

This is deeply demanding, beautifully challenging & depending on your ambitions. You will be held, mentored and guided in the space of my Sacred Temple.


Balanced option:

We begin the training online and will complete it in person by your visit of 1 week with me.


Additional possibility:

After 3+ months of your certification and practice, we can meet again with our instruments and enjoy a Sound Healing together.

For further information, please contact me directly.​

I look forward to our time of expanding into the world of healing sound.​


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