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Meet Simonanda

Connecting Dimensions to Merge with Source and Awaken your Gifts

Simonanda is a sacred sound healer, therapist & transformation coach. She has mastered the ancient tradition of fine tuning the body through the art of sound vibration using her voice, tuned crystal bowls, clear quartz sound pyramids, sound grails, crystal sphere, Tibetan bowls, planetary and symphonic gongs & more. All her vibrational instruments are tuned to the healing frequency of 432 Hz; and any combination of these elements creates a coherent recalibrating effect in harmonizing and re- balancing body, mind and soul. Her trance-inducing voice is known to guide you through sound portals into journeys of higher dimensions.

In 2008 she received her certification in the art of sound healing by the sound therapist Janice Williams. It was through her teacher, that Simonanda was first introduced to high vibrational Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. The oils are the innate gifts of Mother Earth, each containing properties that are antiviral, antifungal, antimicrobial that become the body’s allies as powerful healers. Since then the art of traditional laying on of hands through anointing, has become a foundation as an integrated part of her unique way of energetic balancing. 

In 2015 she began to study the power of vibrational gong healing with Zarine Dadachanji. In furthering her studies of this specific sound art, she pursued her training with both Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux and Jens Zygar, and became a Gong Master one year later.

In 2022 Dr. John Beaulieu became her mentor to study the art of Tuning Forks. It is a scientifically acknowledged aspect of Sound Healing that enhances all her energy therapy practices.

Simonanda is passionate about and practices sacred sound healing and the ancient art of anointing as her personal process, that entails, a life-long, on-going study and expansion into the heart of living wisdom. 

Simonanda follows the tradition of Nada Yoga, which is the devotion to subtle sound.  Divine Spirit is constantly showering her with an extensive variety of gentle to powerful melodies, chants, songs and spherical music, through her instruments and voice to connect us to higher dimensions. Her warm velvet alto voice blends magically with the pure crystal bowl tones, guiding you to enter a Sound Portal and dive into the spheres of harmony and rejuvenation. By surrendering to the resonating sound, where our souls merge into the Ocean of Oneness, healing happens naturally.

She lives her passion to the world in her home base Ljubljana (Slovenia), and shares her gifts through Sound Healing Journeys, private and group sessions, workshops and retreats in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia... 

Wherever she is, she creates Sound Portals through her sacred sound work in service to the New Earth.


1. Book “We who are the Light” – Awakening (written in German)

2. CD “For Children Small to Tall” (pure crystal bowls music + harp + alto voice to calm down after an active day, connecting to Dolphins, Angels, Mother Earth, the Love of the Universe and the Whales)

3. CD “Lady of the Lake” (a live Sound Journey of tuned Crystal Bowls + alto voice as a complete emotional cleansing and realigning, recorded in one go)

"Ganeshaja" by Simonanda

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