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Sound Healing Training with Simonanda

Sound Healing Training 1-1

in person and/or online

Group Sound Healing Training

in person and/or online

As you enjoy a regular shower for your physical body, so shall you take care by a regular energetic sound bath of your subtle auric bodies like your emotional, mental and spiritual one for example. It is not only our physical body that needs cleaning and cleansing but all other layers in our aura too.

Sound Healing is the medicine of the future that starts now because everything vibrates in a certain frequency. My tradition follows the ancient art of healing by using the energetic power of Sounds and Overtoning, Words, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and Crystals. It creates a resonating composition, which guides you back into perfect balance and harmonizes your entire being. You become aligned to you own chakras, to all layers of your aura, to the holy geometries of the universe, to your Higher Self, your I AM Presence and your Soul... This is the moment that allows you to merge with the Divine Source and to enter the Oneness of all there is.


It is most enjoyable when it is preventively used to strengthen your health and your inner divine connection in order to live your soul’s potential to the fullest. That delivers not only a happy heart but also fulfillment in life until the stage of bliss. The good thing is that it needs nothing of your attention but openness and full surrender to the possibility of energetic balancing by sound. 

Think of your being as of an orchestra that contains many different instruments. These are your organs and different systems like your bone system, blood system, glandular system, digestive system, meridian system and so on. All of them have their favorite healthy frequencies, tones and vibrations. During a sound healing journey, all layers of your body naturally respond, absorb and integrate them. When the instruments are harmoniously tuned to each other, the entire orchestra enters balance and radiates harmony.

And that defines you, that is you!

Crystal Instruments


Frosted and Clear Quartz Crystal Bowls, 

Sound Pyramids and the Crystal Sphere

About Sound Healing by Crystal Element

Everything is in a state of vibration including our bodies. Each organ and system vibrate to a certain note and frequency, furthermore they resonate in specific light and color. As we are made of more than 80% of water – sound can be most beneficial. Just by surrendering to the sound flow, our bodies pick up naturally what is needed to reach the perfect state of balance and inner peace. 

At the beginning of your Healing Session you will be guided into a grounded meditative state from where your Sound Journey will start. After being rejoiced with your soul and bathed in the dimension of healing sound, you will be gently guided back, grounded and centered again with integrated gifts of balance, strength, harmony and whatever you came for. A clear intention for the sound journey is half of the goal.

The Power of Crystal Instruments They are made of pure clear quartz sand. Each crystal bowl is tuned to one specific tone (like F major) that stretches from a halftone lower to a halftone higher corresponding to the chakras = energy wheels of our body. That makes 7 crystal bowls as an octave set. Some of them you will feel more tangible than others. Compared to the set of Crystal Bowls - the Crystal Sphere differs in its form of tubes that are even more refined in their vibrational sounding but instead of spiraling up like the crystal bowls do, they spiral rather in a horizontal ray. The dimensions of each Crystal Pyramid are scaled to the same dimensions as the Cheops Pyramids in Egypt. They are handmade and invented by Dieter Schrade from Germany. They are often felt like laser-sharp beams of sound and light, working in the prepared body like a scalpel for removing blockages.

Metal Instruments

Vibrational Metal Instruments of Gongs and Tibetan Bowls

Vibrational Metal Instruments of Gongs and Tibetan Bowls

Benefits of a a Gong and/or Tibetan Bowls Bath:

  • Deeply relaxing

  • Releases stress

  • Eliminates tension

  • Releases blockages  

  • Enhances your well-being, health and wholeness

  • Opens, clears and charges your meridians and chakras (energy wheels)   

  • Synchronizes your left and right brain activity

  • Cleanses you mentally of old patterns that do not serve you for your highest good anymore and encourage new affirmations to be integrated in your brain 

  • Awakens and strengthens your intuition and your connection to the Divine that you are part of

  • Supports your personal transformation for living your full soul’s potential. That also means, there is no space for depression or panic attacks anymore because those indicate that you either stuck in the past or worry about the future. When you begin to live your full potential, you have arrived in the Now and enjoy your creativity and the flow of life = you become happy

The Power of the Gongs “The Gong is the sound of Creativity itself. One who plays the Gong plays the Universe. Out of it came all music, all sounds, and all words. The sound of the Gong is the nucleus of the Word.” – Yogi Bhajan ​ When the ancient sounds creation of Gongs and Tibetan Bowls wash over, through and around you, the entire being that you are will be immersed in the magnitude of vibrational waves. They will guide you into an expanding meditative state that allows and facilitates release of any blockages and positive transformation of your subconscious that you are ready for. This way a deep cleansing in all layers of your aura - in your physical body, vital, emotional, astral, etheric, mental and spiritual one will take place. There is nothing in your control, and a rather full surrender to the subtle sound waves will deliver this possible transformation, healing and alignment to your Higher Self, your I Am Presence, to your soul. ​ Furthermore, your prana that flows through your bodies will be enhanced and increased. It is the vital life energy that is also called chi or mana.

Wood Instruments

Vibrational Wood and other Instruments

Vibrational Wood and Other Instruments

Like shamanic drum made in Bali, 

Ocean drum by MEINL

Drum by Schlagwerk



Different rainsticks

Different rattles made of exotic seeds



Koshi Bells


Chimes of different sizes and tunes

All this variety of different wood and mixed material, vibrational instruments work perfectly to guide you into a rhythm that is intended to help you enter a trance like or deep meditational state for the same purpose and benefits that are already listed under benefits of metal instruments.


Tuning Forks


BioSonics Tuning Forks produce 50+ overtones. This tremendous, refined sound spectrum alters our biochemistry. Therefore, they are well known as sound healing tools, enhance all energy therapy practices and are easy to be used to:

  • Reduce stress,

  • Balance yourself,

  • Increase blood flow,

  • Enhance mental clarity,

  • Improve immune response and much more…


By bringing your nervous system, muscle tone and organs into harmonic balance, the Tuning Forks rhythmically align you to your body’s healthy natural state. Once you bring your body back to its natural rhythm, you can maintain a state of optimal health and enjoy all the resulting benefits.

Preizkusite moč samozdravljenia z glazbenimi vičicami. Self-healing allows you to reduce stress, balance yourself, enhance mental clarity, bring inner peace, serenity and calmness , improve your immune system with Tuning forks
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