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ned., 13. okt.


Tochni, Cyprus

Yoga – Sound & Sacred Power Places

7 days - 8 nights Cyprus October Retreat 2024 - unwinding, rejuvenating, magical!

Yoga – Sound & Sacred Power Places
Yoga – Sound & Sacred Power Places

Time & Location

13. okt. 2024, 11:00 – 19. okt. 2024, 15:00

Tochni, Cyprus, Tochni, Cyprus

About the event

Retreat = “a place where you can be away in peace from everything familiar and routine”


You have left your comfort zone and are open to receive and reshape yourself …

We have woven 3 pearls into a transformative journey for you:

  1. Unwind with us in the beauty of Cyprus that invites for soft movement and slow breathing through yoga & pranayamas!
  2. It will be supported by the transformational power of sound healing through vibrational instruments and alchemical voice!
  3. Let’s visit together Sacred Sites & energetic Power Places!

This Island breathes a diversity of different cultures. Join us and learn more about Greek, Turkish and Oriental traditions and customs! The Retreat holds space for meeting with like-minded, like-hearted, like-curious and inspiring people. We might feel like knowing each other for eons! And together we rejuvenate & rise again!


The far Southern, mediterranean, mystical oasis holds ancient stories & wisdom for us. We will go to where the turbo tourism has not overtaken it yet, and many millennia-old traditions have been preserved and are included in the UNESCO-recognized cultural heritage program. The Southern part of the island is adorned with a record of ancient Greek traditions, in particular the Goddess Aphrodite and her powerful energy of love, beauty, passion & fertility. Aphrodite still seems to rule the island energetically. Although for some it might just serve the tourism purpose. Yet, who has eyes to see and a heart to feel, will perceive her spirit and presence in a different, expanding way…

It is said for those who worship her that she will rule to bring power and love into their lives. The whole island is swimming in an ether of divine energy, inviting all to open their view wider, to a more conscious and awakened gaze of the world.

During our retreat, you will spiral up in your understanding and attitude towards love. We will unburden our bodies and release any old & heavier feelings that do not serve our highest good any longer. The healing practices of yoga and sound therapy will override any fatigue, create space of transformation and encourage long lasting rejuvenation. When we are complete in our process as a group, we shall return home feeling renewed, charged up and aligned with the Divine and our soul.

Our week will be colored by inner insights through daily practices. The program of yoga, meditation and sacred sound healing work will focus on the theme of Balance:

  • in relationships
  • between work & rest
  • between the outer picture of our perceived environment and our inner feelings about them. Our goal is to charge up and create long-lasting harmony in our reality when back home again. How? By using our tools and methods we will have worked on for the entire week!
  • This includes discovering our breath and voice as sound medicine and using it to our advantage in many ways!
  • We will also work on harmonizing between our inner feminine and masculine energy by visiting chosen sacred sites of the Island using historical descriptions and possible inner memories.

2x daily - Yoga and Sound Meditation:

Including hatha and intuitive yoga, regenerative yoga, sound therapies and optional individual practices. You will still find your space for personal time-out and reflection.


Tjaša Kuzmič, certified yoga and meditation teacher, prana therapist & medium.    Read more - click here

Simonanda, certified sound therapist, integrative transformation coach, sonic artist.   Read more - click here


  1. Sacred Aphrodite Temple & beach
  2. Greek & Roman Theatre with a view
  3. Sacred Shopping in the Turkish part of the Island, North of Cypress


see photos - click here

The retreat's chosen location is a small, picturesque village, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, hotel complexes and mass tourism. The village of Tochni, in the southern part of Cyprus, is known for its traditional stone houses and peaceful surroundings. We will stay in single, double or family apartments, which are decorated according to the typical old houses of the village. The apartments are simple & furnished to modern standards. Each has its own entrance, terrace, atrium or balcony. A touch of sunny Mediterranean can be felt at every step. The yoga and meditation room is cozy, bright, has yoga equipment and can accommodate up to 15 people. Everything is close and accessible, and the tavern will offer a pleasant place for breakfast and dinner. The village has been hosting groups and events of similar themes for many years and has been recognized for it. The half-board price is the same per person, regardless of which apartment you stay in.

We suggest a vegetarian or vegan choice for the retreat time as we want to cleanse our body and support light digestion that will allow us to have more energy for us available (because meat needs 3 days for digestion until it leaves the human system). We also recommend no alcohol until the last day. Yet everything is available and up to your own awareness and choice.


The nearest connection is via Zagreb with a direct flight to Paphos on a low-cost carrier. The program does not include airport transfers or flight connections. Purchase your air ticket online or through a travel agency. There are also cheap flights from nearby airports.


"Tjaša's yoga retreat was very special for me. I do a lot of personal growth, yoga, working on myself and yet on her yoga retreat miracles happen that give you some extra insights and answers. The program was very well and richly designed. The activities were very varied but very well interwoven and connected."

Tamara, May 2023

“Yoga Retreat - Cyprus - Tjaša

The thoughts that roared through my mind in waves, and each time I realized more and more that it was not just a silent wish, but a heartfelt intention. I had been paving the way to its realization for the last weeks and months, both on a conscious and subconscious level, and I was fully aware of this fact when Tjaša and I caught sight of each other and embraced in a joyful embrace at the airport.

From day one, this journey has been filled with moments of immense gratitude, emotion, happiness, fulfilment, freedom and deep connection. Even though it was the first time that we, gathered souls - each with our own story, but with a common burning desire to hear our higher purpose - had met, Tjaša, with her unique energy, compassion and grace, guided us to our core of strength and connected us in a unique and profound way. And so it was throughout the days of our retreat. From the morning meditation and yoga, when our hearts set the intention for the day or the months to come, to the evening yoga, when we closed our eyes, full of heartfelt impressions and content. In between, of course, all the other senses were awakened and indulged - great food with smiling faces in the shelter of authentic surroundings and hospitable, friendly hosts, the intoxicating scents of the island's flora, the budding beauty of unfamiliar places, all the way to soulful conversations, bonding, profound insights and timeless memories.

All of you who know Tjaša and read her writings, and at this moment also this writing - allow yourself to experience the beauty of being, surrender and trust. This is the only way to reach a higher level of self-awareness and love, especially for oneself. And yes, I am deliberately and consciously writing in the plural, because at the end of the retreat we said goodbye with the same feelings and behavior - belonging and each of us in our own pillar.”

Suzana, May 2024

Simonanda's sound baths are healing baths. It's not just about relaxation, calming and the singing power of sound, it's much more than that. There is harmony, attunement and beauty between her playing, her voice and her body expressions. With her soft and calm appearance, she instantly illuminates and enriches the space, so that you are instantly calm, even if you don't know why or how. Her playing feels very harmonious and energetically aligned. She is a true healer and a beautiful soul. I highly recommend her baths and individual treatments. Ana, June 2024

"These times are in need of people like you, Simonanda who are good in giving, who speak Love and breathe truth. Thank you that you live it as you receive it straight from your heart."

Zagi, March 2020

Tears of love and joy were running down my face while I was reading your loving guiding message, Simonanda! THANK YOU for all the great work you are doing.

I personally have healed from many blockages in this life and past karma through your great vocal healing channeling which I will never forget. And your voice is just so soothing and mixes magical with the crystal bowl sounds, it opens a gateway to heavenly realms for me. So, thank you again! Love and Light, Arezu, October 2022


The approximate price for the whole week is around €1,500 per person. This approximate price may fluctuate depending on the time of purchase of the air ticket, your choice of optional trips to sacred sides of the island and the airport transfers.

€ 680   Early bird price of the yoga & sound retreat program until 20.08.2024

€ 780   Regular price of the yoga & sound retreat program starting on 22.08.2024 

€ 520 (€65x8) Half board (breakfast and dinner) per person in a double room,

€ 25 extra for single room per night 


Retreat will be lead in Slovenian and English. The 3 trips around the island are optional.

Oversea travel insurance is optional but highly recommended. The retreat is designed for a private group. You assume your own responsibility for the trip when you register for the retreat, as the organizer does not guarantee eligibility to act as a tour operator.

Registration is confirmed by payment of a deposit of 40% of the program price which is until 20.08.2024 €272


In case of your cancellation, the program deposit is non-refundable. It can be exchanged by giving it to someone else.

Should the trip need to be cancelled in case of force majeure or crisis, 50% of the paid program deposit (administrative costs) is refundable, if the second part of the program is already paid, it is fully refundable.


Let’s meet over a cup of tea on ZOOM on Tuesday 23 July at 20:00!

We will share more info about our Cyprus Retreat in October and have Q&A!

Please send us an email to register for the free zoom gathering!

We will conclude with a short meditation!

See you there!

Namaste and Sonic Blessings,

Tjaša & Simonanda


  • Early bird until 22.08.2024

    Down payment of 40% of €680, which is the early bird price of yoga & sound retreat program until 20.08.2024!

    272,00 €
    +6,80 € service fee


0,00 €

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